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Visibility and Influence are always in styleMarilyn Monroe the Ultimate Brand Icon

Marilyn Monroe’s flirtatious smile and flawless physique have led her to become an American icon that challenges the modern standards that have been established for feminine beauty.

Frida Kahlo Embraced Her Unique-Self

To understand Frida Kahlo, it is important to know a little about her background. Having been disfigured by childhood polio and a near-fatal road accident that led to a leg amputation, Frida is quoted as asking what a person needs feet for when they know how to fly.

Coco Chanel’s Rise to the Top

Throughout the world, there have been many women who have made their distinctive mark in both the past and present time. Out of all of these women, perhaps one of the most remarkable is Coco Chanel who lived by her belief that, “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

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