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Top Entrepreneurs Share Tips for Success

I asked top entrepreneurs from across the United States to share tips for success and participate in the 113 Branding Strategy “The Banana Split.” The Banana Split is when multiple brands cross-pollinate content and leverage their net worth across their social media channels by sharing tangibles that give the marketplace real value. This strategy is decadently delicious.

Bravo! Bravo!

While traveling recently, I had the pleasure of seeing the famous cliff divers in Acapulco. There was a little boy in the crowd who was screaming “BRAVO! BRAVO!” while each diver dove 100 feet off the jagged rocks.

Visibility + Consistency = Empire

In the movie business it is not unusual for a major film director to order the exact same lunch everyday for several months in a row while working on set. I asked the director when I first started working in the Hollywood entertainment industry WHY? he told me because we have so many decisions to make in one day that it is one less thing to think about.

Superstar Business Tips From 9 Top Entrepreneurs

I asked 9 Superstar Entrepreneurs to participate in a 113 Branding Strategy The Banana Split. The Banana Split is when multiple brands cross-pollinate content and leverage their net worth across their social media channels. This strategy is decadently delicious.

Spotlight Other Brands and Gain Your Brand Massive VISIBILITY

No.113 Branding Strategy Thursday: I am a big fan of spotlighting other company brands, services and products across my social media business channels.This is a form of networking that I was taught early on in my career in the Hollywood Entertainment business.

113 Branding Spotlight + Jody Harris= Dream Big!

Jody Harris is the type of woman entrepreneur who opens another door when the one before it closes. By making her dreams come true, she knows that she is then opening doors for other women entrepreneurs who can change their lives, and she strives to help them realize their vision–she knows that all they need is a break. Jody provides this opportunity because she understands the power of a chance.

113 Branding Spotlight + Nancy + Caren = TV Opportunity

Recently I was a features guest on Connecting People, Changing Lives TV Show with host Nancy Ferrari and Caren Taubman Glasser and I shared my unique system for branded that I refer to as Your Song & Verses.

113 Visibility Spotlight: Jen Duchene + Numerology = Business Success

Did you know that your company name can actually be an “unlucky” name for you and your company brand? That Madonna’s career didn’t really take off into super stardom until she dropped her last name and made her stage name strictly “Madonna” based on a number combination that is perfect fit for her.

It’s Your Turn + Women Entrepreneurs = Movement In Forward Motion

The Big WHY? for the idea behind the It’s Your Turn movement. When I first moved to Hollywood I was fortunate enough to get to work with my brother Gavin on our first movie Stargate. When we attended the Premiere of the movie we both discovered that you actually don’t sit and watch the movie instead they whisk you off to the Premiere party.

113 Visibility Spotlight: Beth Walls + Organized Business = Dollars & Sense

“An organized workspace allows you to stay focused and business women will be more successful when they are organized!” Beth Walls – Organizational Business Stylist

Celebrate Your Community and Increase Your Brand Earning Power

Openly celebrating new connections, team members and your tribe is a great way to increase your brand Visibility and Influence.

Two Simple Tips To Increase Your Brand Earning Power

Remember to have fun!

Grow Your Brand Visibility By Simply Blogging

A great brand strategy to spread the message about you and your brand is Blogging. It is a great way of driving numbers from your social media platforms back to your website and increase your Visibility and Influence as an expert.

3 Brand Strategy Tips For A Successful On-Camera Appearance

Whether you are recording an on-camera interview for a nationally televised show or you are taping a video drip campaign that will go out to your clients, it important for you to learn professional techniques for letting your light shine just as bright as the stars in Hollywood.

Say YES to Your Brand Hollywood Style

Early in my career I was a script development girl. In other words I would read endless scripts daily looking for great material that my boss a Hollywood Movie Producer would be interested in producing.

The Visibility Game Scores Big For Your Brand

Playing the visibility game and shining a bright light on your brand will win you golden opportunities and dollars and cents.

The #1 Key Brand Strategy To Build A Successful Brand

If you and your brand are sitting in the shadows and drumming a really quiet drum it affects your brand visibility. And no matter how beautiful your website is or how big the results your product can get a customer none of that will matter.

5 Simple Branding Tips

1. Respect the time and generosity of those who help and support you. Emotionally connect and send them a branded thank you note or card as it can go a long way in showing your gratitude.

When Your Brand Is A Moving Target It Hurts Your Brand Earning Power

In order for your brand to gain momentum and build a large spotlight to take your business to the next level of success your brand need to stand still and plant some real roots.

I BELIEVE Impact + Influence + Visibility = Higher Levels of Success

I believe YOU are your “brand” and that people form an opinion about your business, products and services based on the emotional signals YOU put out into the marketplace which in turn influence clients buying decisions.

Mediation Allows Me To Show Up for “me” So I Can Be A “we”

I meditate every morning so that I can show up for “me” so that I can be a “we” throughout the day.

The Story Behind My Company Name 113 Branding

Just as Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe refused to accept second best. I believe that every woman around the world should strive to achieve her own personal greatness through embracing her unique-self.

Meditation Brings Your Dreams to Life

In my early 20’s, I ran with a fabulous group of girlfriends in San Francisco. We were all about GLAMOUR. We draped ourselves in pearls, wore Coco Chanel perfume, and never left the house without our red lipstick.

Message In A Bottle

A few years ago I spent my birthday in the magical vortex called Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort were I attended an Entrepreneur conference. I was thrilled about my upcoming B-day adventure and all the possibilities that would come along with the experience.
Just days before leaving on my trip…

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