Mediation Huffington PostThe Huffington Post Article: How-To Attract More Business Opportunities for Your Brand with Meditation

Did you know that you can harness your drive through meditation to attract even better opportunities into your professional life? Perhaps you might have heard about the benefits of meditation, yet you could never imagine spending hours focusing on your navel when you have deadlines to meet and companies to launch. Well, meditation has come a long way since the days of monks sitting cross-legged on a mountaintop. Now, you can allow your light to shine even brighter by utilizing these three simple steps to meditation that will ease your stress while bringing your goals into sharper focus.

MM Huffington PostThe Huffington Post Article: Lessons We Can Learn from the Iconic Brand Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s flirtatious smile and flawless physique have led her to become an American icon that challenges the modern standards that have been established for feminine beauty. From the movie screen to center stage, Marilyn’s body has been revered throughout history by men and women alike. Although today’s woman may struggle to fit into a size four dress, Marilyn was dazzling her admirers while wearing a size twelve. While the debate rages on regarding Marilyn’s true size, there are a few things every person can learn from Marilyn about how to bring their best features into the spotlight.

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The Huffington Post Article: Your Brand Visibility Is Directly Linked To Your Earning  Power

Entrepreneurs know that it can be very easy to get caught up in the workings of the business–creating content, systems, programs, and all those other things that need to be attended to. This can be incredibly time-consuming, and working on the company brand’s visibility in the marketplace can accidentally take a backseat.

It is vital that the process of creating your brand content integrate seamlessly with maximizing your visibility and presence in the marketplace. In other words, you want to hit the ground running and be growing your company brand visibility immediately because it is directly linked to you company brand’s earning power. The power of your brand cannot be understated–you need to use it to your advantage!

double dip huffington two girls

The Huffington Post Article: Double and Triple Dip Your Way To Massive Brand Visibility

The Double Dip is a brilliant simple strategy that moves brand visibility to a whole new level.

Based on community building and leverage, it is a delectable way to get noticed without hogging the limelight. This tactic allows two company brands to meld their ideas into a media partnership, and design a gourmet treat to highlight both parties! Which can gain you and your company brand delicious visibility in the marketplace.


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