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When you turn up the Spotlight on your company brand online marketing across your social media channels golden doors of opportunity will open up to you and your brand. As your Visibility and Influence grows in the marketplace so will your customer base. By creating an affinity or emotional connection with your professional brand it provides justification for paying a premium price for a service or product with your customers. In this dynamic, interactive session, you will master online marketing strategies to:

  • Turn social media into your private Visibility and Influence machine easily, effortlessly and cost effectively.
  • Leverage social media to promote your company brand key messaging, products and services.
  • Master three dynamic trends to grow your brand Visibility and Influence online and get you and your company brand noticed in a big way in the marketplace.


In today’s crowded marketplace it can be challenging at times to be Visible and increase your personal and professional Influence. Technology has catapulted personal and professional branding into the forefront. And knowing how to create and leverage your personal and professional brand is a must. It is directly linked to growing your influence and earning power. Joie shares cutting edge strategies, techniques and tools to help you develop and grow your personal and professional brand. In this interactive session, you will learn to:

  • Create a unique personal and professional brand.
  • Highlight your expertise, achievements and success to gain greater influence.
  • How to turn the online world into your private marketing machine to increase your influence and earning power.


A dynamic and powerful professional branded sales pitch can create an emotional connection with your clients and customers and generate brand loyalty. To generate brand loyalty, always highlight how your brand can make a potential customer shine. Make your professional brand top-of-mind and watch your business soar. In this hands-on program, you will master strategies to:

  • Create a professional, branded sales pitch to attract high-value clients in just five, easy steps.
  • Put the spotlight on your expertise, achievements and successes to gain greater influence.
  • Craft a compelling sales pitch that makes an impact on clients and customers and achieves higher levels of success.

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Joie Gharrity Speaking at It's Your Time To Succeed

“Joie Gharrity with 113 Branding spoke at our Women’s Council of Realtors Business Resource Meeting Luncheon held at Vivace Restaurant in Belmont, CA. Joie spoke to our crowd of men and women Realtors, Lenders and affiliate entrepreneurs about branding and standing out in your business. She shared with us her own stories as well as educating us on the value of standing out in your own light to shine. As business individuals it’s very important to have your own signature style and flare and Joie was excellent at educating us on how we can make a difference by how we choose to show up. We highly recommend Joie Gharrity and 113 Branding for your business Signature Style.”
Lucy Greco, President, Women’s Council of Realtors

“Joie Gharrity ROCKS! Her expertise in the Hollywood entertainment industry is invaluable to her clients. I had the pleasure of attending her informative and excellent WEBA presentation. In addition to her wealth of knowledge, she brings a positive, high-energy enthusiasm and generosity to her audiences. ”
Phyllis Garland, Founder, WEBA – Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area

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