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May 7, 2017
Spotlight Other Brands And The Spotlight Will Turn Back To Shine On Your Brand
May 7, 2017

I asked 9 Superstar Entrepreneurs to participate in a 113 Branding Strategy The Banana Split. The Banana Split is when multiple brands cross-pollinate content and leverage their net worth across their social media channels. This strategy is decadently delicious.

Caron Taubman GlasserTip #1: Live Video is a great way to create content.  I use Facebook Live to create content on the fly.  Check out to record right from your desktop. Either Q & A or Face to Face interview broadcast.
Diary Of A Digital Diva.
Digital Diva
Caren Taubman Glasser

Heather RobisonTip #2: Make sure all of your contact info and business links are up to date- when I meet someone at a networking event I usually “friend” them in the moment on Facebook if they have a public profile…when I go to their page later to research more about what they do and I discover the links are not there, or take me to a corporate website and not a personal page I feel discouraged. These people are missing out on sales, opportunities etc.
Junk Drawer Gypsy
Graphic Designer
Heather Leinweber Robison

Shela Kennedy

Tip #3: Authors, Speakers and Entrepreneurs looking to get media attention should have a Press Kit ready. It should include a headshot, contact info, biography, questions for an interview, media appearances and a few fun facts. Having this ready will help you appear more professional and easy to contact for more information.
The Zebra Inc.
Author, Speaker, Publisher and Marketer at The Zebra Inc.
Sheila Kennedy

Brenda ReissTip #4: Forgiveness gets you unstuck so you can more more freely into your life.
Brenda Reiss Coaching
Forgiveness Coach
Brenda Reiss

Chris StockTip #5: The relationship you have with your customer is the only thing competitor can’t copy.
Nail That Sale
International Sales Guru
Christ Stock

Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author & Speaker Joie GharrityTip #6: Spotlight other company brands, services and products across your social media business channels. When you turn the Spotlight on other brands, you will find the spotlight turning back to shine directly on your brand. People support those who they know support them. This brand strategy only works when you are leading from your heart and a place of integrity.
113 Branding Signature Spotlight Strategy
Brand Strategist, Marketer, Speaker & Author
Joie Gharrity

Lisa LamontTip #7:Each morning say 3 business related action steps you will take that day. (out loud in front of mirror) ‘Mirror Love.”
Lisa Lamont
Business & Spiritual Psychic Advisor
Lisa Lamont

Mary B




Tip #8: Organize tasks into categories of importance and set your time schedule accordingly.
My Concierge
Chief Concierge
Mary Boisselle

Cat WillifordTip#9: A client told me during a session that one of the biggest gifts I’d given her was the idea of self-permission. So, what is that thing you’ve been stalled on or wondering if you dare? Got it? Now, whip out the magic wand called self-permission and have fun as you move forward!
Cat Williford
Coach, Speaker & Author
Cat Williford


I want to thank all of these Superstar Entrepreneurs for saying YES to participating in the 113 Branding Signature Strategy “The Banana Split.”

Want to shine a bright Visibility and Influence Spotlight on you and your brand?

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