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May 13, 2017
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I asked top entrepreneurs from across the United States to share tips for success and participate in the 113 Branding Strategy “The Banana Split.” The Banana Split is when multiple brands cross-pollinate content and leverage their net worth across their social media channels by sharing tangibles that give the marketplace real value. This strategy is decadently delicious.

Tip #1: Add SPICE to your content marketing plan:  Strategy, Personality, Intention, Consistency, and Entertainment. These are the ingredients that bring you results!
Bettyanne Green, Content Strategist & Concierge Copywriter

Tip #2: “Financial capability is more than financial literacy.  It begins with understanding the difference between making money, and making money work for you.  Creating your wealth legacy starts with finding tax-free (not tax-deferred) strategies to multiply your savings so you can live a remarkable life.”
Kim Harris, The “Legacy Creation” Strategist

Tip #3: What you reflect out is what is reflected back to you.  If you are waiting for a reaction, you are too late! When you want people to feel confident about working with you, you have to FIRST exude in your body language the confidence of who you are and what you do when you talk about your business.
Kerstin O’Shields, Body Language Strategist/Vocal Specialist/Speaker

Tip #4: A healthy body is 30% workout and 70% nutrition.
Doneane Beckcom, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Author & Speaker

Tip #5: When joining an organization or attending a networking event make sure your “Ideal Client” is there; otherwise, don’t waste your valuable time.
Gina Estrada,EspressoBrain:  Business Networking Strategist, Speaker and Blogger

Tip #6: It’s not a good idea to “guess” at what insurance coverage protection you need. Talk to a local Trusted Advisor, a community Agent. They will help you determine what best fits your needs and/or what gaps you currently have in your current portfolio.  When you can hear “real-life” stories of claims or gaps other clients have had, it makes it easier to develop and tailor coverage to your own specific needs.  Like did you know your Renters Liability coverage can extend to “fire legal liability” if you cause damage to surrounding apartments by leaving a pot on the stove that results in a complex fire?
Betty Skinner, Exclusive Agent Owner and Trusted Advisor
Allstate Insurance

Tip #7: After you watch a webinar or attend a workshop send the company brand founder a video thank you note and give them your feedback. It is a great way to emotionally connect with the founder and kick start a professional relationship.
Gary McKinsey, EA, Certified Business Coach

Tip #8: Find something you are passionate about and really look at it. Relax and have fun. Let the magic happen.
Dru Duffey, Artist

 Tip #9: Around 70% (and rising!) of time spent on the internet right now is on video. If you want to get seen – in the most compelling way available – make and post video.
Ian Carruthers, Owner / Chief Filmmaker, foolish tree films.

Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author & Speaker Joie GharrityTo learn more about the 113 Branding Signature Strategy The Banana Split and how you can join the decadently delicious treat watch Brand Strategist and Marketer Joie Gharrity’s latest webinar:
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