Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author & Speaker Joie Gharrity

Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author & International Speaker has never been much of an accessory girl. Instead she has always been drawn to simple but chic basics. She feels the same way about branding. She is not a fan of flash or an over the top approach to branding.

She saw the over the top approach many times while working in the Hollywood entertainment business, and most of the time that approach came up short. The marketplace can feel when a brand is over compensating for lack of quality and an unwillingness to be authentic.

Instead, she encourage her clients to stand in their Spotlight and authentically share their unique message and shine bright. She encourages them to allow the marketplace to really get to know them and their company brand.

Premier Brand Visibility and Influence Song and Verses Signature Package

What song is your brand singing in the marketplace? Your brand song is the heartbeat to your brand. Without it current customers won’t recognize the business they have come to depend on and future customers won’t even listen. Joie has created a very unique Song & Verses System. Learn More

Superstar Song and Verses One-Off Package

Your brand Song & Verses is the heartbeat to your brand. Joie Gharrity has created a very unique and special Song & Verses System. It not only elevates the brand but it also elevates the client in both their personal and professional life. Learn More

Superstar Brand Visibility and Influence Online Marketing Package

Online Marketing Campaigns are essential in todays marketplace. They drive customers and brand awareness to your company brand and that turns into increased sales. Joie pulls from her 15+ years working in the Hollywood entertainment industry and creates a customized marketing campaign for your brand. Learn More

Superstar VIP Day Package

The Superstar VIP Day is for Coaches & Consultants only.  If you have been spinning your wheels and you are not filling programs, events etc. this customized VIP Day is designed to help you build your “Master System.” Joie has created a step-by-step system that illuminates and builds your master system (cash cow) in one day. Learn More

Superstar Speaker Package

Creating a dynamic and positive professional speaker keynote that reflects your key brand messaging and gains you greater Visibility and Influence impacts buying decisions. It elevates you both personally and professionally in the marketplace. Together we will create a customized branded keynote.
Learn More

Win the Deal Investor Pitch Package

For those of you who are seeking funding, Joie works one-on-one with entrepreneurs to help them create an effective investor pitch to win the deal. She has created a Win the Deal Investor Pitch System based on her 15+ years working in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry at top companies, such as The Walt Disney Company. Learn More

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