You poured your heart and soul into creating …


You Create. We Get You Noticed.


The 113 PUBLICITY Team is …

Strategic. Tenacious. Innovative. Experienced. Connected.

You Create. We Get You Noticed.

The dynamic duo of Joie Gharrity and Sheila Kennedy know that in order to move the needle in a big way in the marketplace, delivering a customized strategic plan is always the first step. Next, this tenacious team delivers an innovative campaign pulled from their combined 35+ years of experience in media, publishing, branding, marketing, social media, and traditional promotional background. Known for leading with integrity, dedication and high follow through, the team leverages their connections, including their combined 5.1 MILLION net social media reach, to Get you noticed!



We understand that you poured your heart and soul into creating a film, short film, online digital series… with the intention to spread your message. We also know that it is impossible to go it alone. Our connections and experience can get you attention quicker and more effectively. Wether your digital content is about to drop or dropped a few years ago let us help you get noticed. We are passionate about gaining you and your core message the visibility and influence it deserves because that is what sells projects. We do the heavy lifting and get you noticed!

113 Publicity Package Exclusive for Digital Content Makers

  1. Perform Marketing Review of Digital Creation

The dynamic duo takes the time to identify and pull out quotes along with buzz worthy connection points directly from what you have created. This doubles as marketing collateral in the form of topic headers to pitch to media as well as distribute across social media, website, sales page, marketing materials … to generate big buzz.

What we mean by big buzz …  we identify how the marketplace is going to hook into you and what you have created. In other words, we establish that there is more than just the face value of what you created about the evident topic. We take the time to identify lines from your creation that we can use as a call to action to share in the marketplace. This unique customized process drives more eyeballs to you and your digital creation. We deliver this as your 113 Publicity Hero Sheet.

  1. Create Positioning and Sound Bites

Crafting a strategy to position you and what you have created, along with sound bites that attract media and leverage your interviews is a major priority for the duo. We deliver the strategy and sound bites and work with you so that you organically drop them into conversations, interviews, social shares and more for a winning combination that puts you and your creation into the center of influence. We deliver to you as your 113 Publicity Hero Quote and Sound bites.

Sound bites are how media and the marketplace can hook into you and your message. They are one sentence that you will share in all of your media interviews. The sound bites are used over and over again. It takes the marketplace seven times minimum to emotionally connect with a share before they can digest it. We create the sound bites and work with you on anecdotes to support them.

  1. Customized Press Kit

Creating a platform that gains the attention of the media is a great way to sell more of what you offer and put you in the center of influence. Having a professional Customized Press Kit created by the duo is the golden ticket. We are masters at leveraging your press kit to attract more media. It also doubles as a marketing
tool that you will use for life.

To be clear a press kit and website are two totally different animals. Media does not refer to websites. Media refers to press kits. We customize your Author Bios, Interview Questions, Description of what you have created, Media links, Fun Facts.

  1. Create Customized Press Release

Press releases are alive and well. Having a customized press release is essential to alerting the media and attracting interview opportunities. The duo does not believe in one size fits all.

They create a buzz worthy topic header that evokes attention along with targeted pitch for distribution.

Press releases have multiple platforms. There are professional services that are connected to the media outlets that are looking for stories. We pick the right press release platform that is a good fit for the media that we are going after for you.

  1. Pitch Up To 5 Media Outlets

Let’s face it. You will never be able to brag as big for yourself as Joie and Sheila can on your behalf. This duo loves to obtain media outlet opportunities for their clients to spread the word.

The duo identifies the right podcasts, live tv shows, publications, etc. that are reasonable regarding the level of influence that you currently have. We create a pitch and contact them on your behalf with the right topic header that is the right fit for that media outlet. When the request comes from a “publicity” team it does help with the leverage.

  1. Create Customized Next Steps Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan

Grabbing the attention of the marketplace online is essential to building awareness about your book and story. The duo craft a strategic customized social media marketing strategy plan that has a wow factor that elevates you and your book in the marketplace.  This plan delivers strategy for six months.

We promise you that no one to date has seen or heard the marketing strategy plan that we pitch you. Everything we do is unique and creative as well as strategically designed specifically for each client.

Additionally the whole goal is to open up other opportunities for new audiences to get an introduction to your work. You have already exhausted the friends/family/colleague avenue and we will design a campaign that attracts people new to you.

Bonus #1: Prep Consultation For Media

This duo is really comfortable being in front of and behind the camera. We both have been interviewed personally and professionally on countless shows. We share our tricks and tips on how to leverage your customized sound bites, quotes, social media marketing strategy plan … to set you up for maximum superstar success prior to the media blitz we secure on your behalf. The skills and coaching that we provide is top-notch.

Bonus #2: Customized 113 Publicity Secret Facebook Page For Your Eyes Only

Providing big value is the number one priority for the duo. We create a customized secret and hidden 113 Publicity Facebook Page specifically for you and you only. It is the ultimate communication tool and resource center. Joie and Sheila share your deliverables per the agreement on the page for easy access. They also share bonus materials, for instance a complimentary copy of Joie’s book, The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility & Influence and Sheila’s book, Choices To Changes, articles, tips and more to make the experience a great one. We encourage you to feel free to post inside the page as well with questions etc. We will be notified and will get back to you.

Regarding time frames for all of the deliverables once the agreement is signed the duo hit the ground running.

We turn each piece of collateral over methodically so that each step sets up success for the next step. From beginning to end, we are looking at between 4-6 weeks depending on how promptly client responds to information collection and creation approval.

The investment for these services

(Value $9997)

Our Gift To You $4997

A payment plan is available upon request.

About The Dynamic Duo

Joie Gharrity knows how to get people noticed. Her extensive background as an online multimedia business owner of 113 Branding and Publicity would be more than enough to qualify her as a master digital marketing and visibility strategist for creatives. That experience coupled with her 15+ years in the Hollywood entertainment industry, including as a hand-picked creative development manager for ABC Studios, a division of the Walt Disney Company, greatly contributes to her keen eye for getting people and projects visibility and influence. Her enviable list of contacts will attest to Joie’s expert ability to create emotional connections for her clients and their audiences. Read more

Believing everyone has a story to tell, Sheila Kennedy, founder of The Zebra Ink, has published over fifteen books as well as coached dozens of authors. She excels at connecting authors with their audiences by publicizing their books through social media campaigns and securing media interviews. Sheila and her clients have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates as well as Entercom Radio stations and local, national and international podcasts. She is a visionary in the publishing world who continues to create new ways to get her clients seen and heard. She created a series of Pop Up Book Shoppes to drive more sales and connections. Read more