Be Your Own Publicity Superstar Membership Group

Are you ready to get the publicity that costs other people thousands of dollars?

Are you ready to move the needle in the marketplace in a big way?

Are you ready to learn how to be your own superstar publicist?

The dynamic duo of Joie Gharrity and Sheila Kennedy know that in order to move the needle in a big way in the marketplace, you have to be your own publicity superstar. They have combined their 35+ years’ experience in media, publishing, brand, marketing, social media, and traditional promotional background to create a unique and customized publicity membership program for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative types.

Value Per Month $897

Our Gift To You…$197 Monthly Membership!

Publicity is one of the most effective ways of marketing any business. It is a great way to spread the word about your company brand, products, services, book, event, film…

Membership Benefits

Be Your Own Publicity Superstar Membership offers the best in member benefits.

The dynamic duo coach you to:
  • Turn the online world into your own private publicity marketing machine.
  • How to draw in new customers with a positive newsworthy story about your business that will influence customer buying decisions in the marketplace.
  • What, When, and With whom do you share to get noticed by local and national media?
  • Create a game-changing publicity, marketing, and visibility superstar blueprint.
  • Game-changing techniques that will help raise awareness about your business, products, and services in the marketplace.

Are you ready for the dynamic duo to teach you how to be your very own publicity Superstar! This is a total DIY Publicity program that is taught by the Dynamic Duo and coach you through the system.

The dynamic duo is passionate about:
  • Cheering on your efforts that lead to your success.
  • Encouraging you to take risks that will benefit you and your audience.
  • Connecting you with new opportunities and collaborators that will gain you visibility and influence.

The dynamic duo knows there is so much to navigate, and there is no reason to go it alone. The Be Your Own Superstar Membership offers a community and support!

The investment for the group is only $197 monthly or grab a one-time annual yearly payment of $1999 for $30 per month savings.

Your membership gains you:
  • Access twice a month to the Dynamic Duo who will leverage their connections and expertise to help you be a publicity superstar.
  • A monthly topic that they will go in-depth teaching with resources in the resource library to support you.
  • You will also have access to publicity services provided by the duo that aren’t offered to the public.

Superstar Perk – Earn Superstar Bucks!

Superstar Bucks are accrued by completing a unit, making a connection that results in collaboration, distributing a press release, pitching a story to the media, speaking events, published articles, referrals within the group, a banana split, writing a testimony for someone, attending both sessions in person each month. You can earn Superstar Bucks to purchase services by participating and succeeding in your quest for publicity superstardom. How cool is that – you get rewarded for shining brighter!

Are you ready to commit to stepping into your spotlight this year? Hit one of the payment option buttons below and let’s get started! You deserve to be in the spotlight – let us help you get there!


Being a publicity superstar takes a village and that is exactly what we are offering you. Would love it if you would join the Dynamic Duo of 113 Publicity for their membership group Be Your Own Publicity Superstar. The group comes complete with two monthly group sessions, units of instruction, a library of resources, and connections galore! There also is an amazing Superstar Bucks reward system! Can you imagine showing up, doing the work, and get rewarded for your efforts! That is a superstar win!!

The BYO Publicity Superstar group isn’t for everybody. If you aren’t committed to putting forth effort, meeting people and saying yes to new opportunities, then you might not want to join us. If you want the work done for you, you might not want to join us. We will provide the coaching — tools, tips, tangibles, and rewards for you to succeed. We will be your biggest fans! If you are ready for the marketplace to take notice of who you are and what you are offering – consider becoming a member!