10 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY System Exclusive For Coaches & Consultants ONLY


How the 10 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY System Works: 

This is an exclusive Implementation Empire Building System for Coaches & Consultants only to gain greater VISIBILITY in the marketplace.
• Have you been in business for 3+ years and you still feel like you are spinning your wheels?
• Are you constantly being told to build more content and yet you are not filling your programs, events etc. and you are feeling overwhelmed?
• Have you built a ton of content and not sure what to do with it all?
• Does your company brand feel like it is always in a STOP & GO cycle and you are looking for clarity and some answers?
• Are you still not getting the number of clients that you wish you had?
• Are you not making enough profit and might have to close your company doors soon?

Brand Strategist Joie Gharrity wants you to know:
YOU ARE STANDING ON TOP OF YOUR COMPANY BRAND EMPIRE  the 10 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY System is a strategic implementation system that  shows coaches and consultants step-by-step how to quit standing on top of their business empire and instead make their company brand content work for them and gain them greater visibility in the marketplace.

This system has proven to be a game changer and gets big results because the system reinforces the coach or consultants expertise in the marketplace by leveraging the brands content. This  increases the brands VISiBILITY and translates into more customers. As your customer base grows so does your company brand EMPIRE.

The system incorporates the following 10 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY STEPS:

Step #1:
Identify Patterns and Systems
Step #2:
Categorize and Highlight 3 System Categories
Step #3:
Collect All Materials and Organize Per Category
Step #4:
Brand Refresh by Slicing and Repurposing Materials
Step #5:
Layout Your “System” Categories and Incorporate Them Into Separate Portals
Step #6:
Drop the Repurposed Materials Into Each Portal Per Category to Support the “System” and You As An Expert
Step #7:
Create Additional Missing Tangibles to Support the System
Step #8:
Make Sure Your System Supports the “Value” and Your “Expertise”
Step #9:
Open Your “System” Up and Allow For Brand Expansion
Step #10:
Cross Pollinate All= Increased Customer Base = EMPIRE

To learn more about the 10 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY System and working with Brand Strategist
Joie Gharrity a complimentary 30 minute call is available just fill out the contact form enclosed and get started:

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Blaze A Brilliant Path “Joie Gharrity is an innovator! Her ground-breaking 10 Brand Strategy VISIBILITY System helped me to illuminate my business strategy system that had been hiding in broad daylight for a full year. Her solution based system as given me a brilliant platform to build my entire business on for many years to come.”
Blaze Lazarony, Founder Blaze A Brilliant Path

eWomen Network“One of the most common questions I get from entrepreneurs is “how can I make my me and my business stand out in a crowd”? Developing a unique brand is a critical part of differentiation in the world of business. I met Joie Gharrity a year ago and was highly impressed with her credentials and ability to help my referrals find the clarity and strategy they needed to drive more client traffic to their door.”
Sherill Calhoun, Managing Director – Fresno Chapter, eWomenNetwork