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Develop A Clear Company Branded Voice

Brand Strategist, Social Media Influencer, Speaker and founder of No.113 Branding Joie Gharrity shares cutting-edge techniques and strategies with women entrepreneurs around the world to gain greater VISIBILITY for them and their company brand in the marketplace. She does not believe in old school techniques like cold calling or hard-core going after clients-rather,its all about visibility first.

Founder/Principal Joie Gharrity has developed a unique 5 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY System for one-on-one clients and the 3 Star Brand Strategy VISIBILITY Online Program which is self-paced. Both incorporate brand strategies to develop a clear company brand “voice”  for women entrepreneurs around the world to gain greater visibility for them and their company brand in the marketplace.

Develop a clear company brand “Voice”
Gain greater VISIBILITY by clearly telling your customer what they can expect when they interact with your business brand. Aligning your products, services, and professional conduct with your company-branded “voice” leverages your emotional connection with your customer and the marketplace.

Master The Secret to BrandBrand Strategist Joie Gharrity shares more about the importance of developing a clear company branded “voice” in her blog:
Is Your Brand A Moving Target?

In order for your brand to gain momentum and build a large spotlight to take your business to the next level of success your brand need to stand still and plant some real roots. Aligning your products, services and conduct with your company branded “voice” is key to maintaining your customer’s trust, loyalty, and brand expansion.

In other words your brand can’t be a moving target.I believe that moving targets do not allow the marketplace to hook into their brand emotionally. I believe that when a brand is a moving target it is a reflection of the brands lack of clarity with a twist of sabotage and this can cause the house of cards to fall and even the doors to close for good. Clearly telling your customer what to expect while interacting with your business brand is a way to leverage your emotional connection with your customer.

A moving target has so many different drums being drummed at once that the marketplace just hears NOISE. Gaining higher levels of success and sustainable success for your brand drumming a drum that tells the marketplace that your brand is a safe vessel one that can be counted on is a major game changer.

I encourage you to step back and listen intensely to the drum your brand is drumming in the marketplace. Make sure it is not a moving target or just “noise.” The secret to developing a clear company branded “voice” and drumming a beautiful beat that is emotional connecting with the marketplace is to stop being a moving target and plant some real roots.

Brand Strategist Joie Gharrity

“I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs around the world leverage their unique brand in life and business to gain clarity and impact, to grow community and influence, to gain recognition and VISIBILITY for them and their brand.”

It’s all about VISIBILITY first
Joie Gharrity


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