Joie’s expertise and content creation that stayed true to my brand and my message went well beyond my expectation.  She was calm, focused and reassuring as I moved forward.  Before Joie came on board, what was scattered at best, became very smooth, organized and impactful!  The influence I achieved with Joie’s help is something I know I would never have achieved in the time frame I needed it without her assistance.  The book and my success is very much a direct result of the work and advice Joie provided.  I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. Beyond the day to day branding strategies, Joie’s expertise lies in focused events like a book launch or special event.  If you have an event of any sort, do yourself a favor and hire Joie to build influence and buzz. Her layered and multi-dimensional approach to gaining influence and attention in the marketplace works.  You couldn’t be in better hands if you desire a successful, influential and well-attended event. I am indebted to Joie Gharrity, for not only adding tremendous value to my book by sharing her best practices with me to write about, but also for her help in raising my influence and impact in a very crowded arena.  I value her expertise and integrity more than words can express.