Meet The 113 Branding Publicity Team

You need a publicity team that knows what they are doing and gets results. Joie Gharrity and Sheila Kennedy have 35+ years of experience in Marketing and Promotion.

113 Branding Founder Joie Gharrity is a brand and marketing expert who worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment.

She was hand-picked by the ABC Studio President to launch the first multi-media startup business for The Walt Disney Company.

Team Member Sheila Kennedy is a book publisher and best-selling author who featured high-level entrepreneurs like Jeff Hoffman, Founder of Priceline, and Forbes Riley, the Queen of the Pitch and $2.5 billion sales expert, in her book Choices to Changes.

Sheila and her clients have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates as well as Entercom Radio stations and local, national and international podcasts.

We have a special place in our hearts for authors, because we are authors. We understand the journey and more importantly, we understand what has to come after your book is published in order to gain the notoriety you are looking for in the marketplace.

These are a few of the common scenarios that authors have reached out for help to Joie and Sheila.

Can you relate?

  1. The author chose to handle their own marketing and created a three-week marketing campaign. They sold books to their tribe of family, friends, and colleagues and felt great about the process until sales stopped. Now, what should they do?

Joie and Sheila know you have talents and gifts but pitching yourself, creating sexy copy that is going to grab the marketplace’s attention, and most importantly getting you out of your own backyard is our gift and talent. Let us help you.

  1. A publisher insisted that an author buys a run of 500 – 1000 books to keep the publishing costs down and the author was assured that the books could be sold with no problem. The author’s office, closet and/or laundry room are stocked from floor to ceiling with books that are collecting dust.

Joie and Sheila know your publisher had the best of intentions and also know that it takes a ton of visibility and influence to move books. Gaining you more of that is our gift and talent. Let us shine the spotlight on you.

  1. Authors spend so much time and energy getting their book published that they find themselves wiped out after it is released. Authors periodically share their book with the marketplace which gets some traction, but overall the book is not gaining the attention they were hoping for.

Joie and Sheila know you are exhausted and understand that you poured your heart and soul into that book with the intention to spread your message. We also know that it is impossible to go it alone. Our connections and experience can get you attention quicker and more effectively. Let us help you get noticed.

We are passionate about gaining you and your core message the visibility and influence it deserves because that is what sells books.


We know that these packages won’t be for everyone. They will be perfect for an author that:

  • Wants to be recognized in the marketplace and expand beyond their own backyard.
  • Wants to use their book as the vehicle to grow their influence and professional opportunities.
  • Wants to make sure that their message gains them notoriety in the marketplace.
  • Wants more visibility and influence to turn up the spotlight on their gifts and talents.
  • Wants a team of professionals to do the heavy lifting for them.

These packages are NOT for authors who are:

  • Comfortable with continued selling to the same people that bought their book when it was first released.
  • Not sure they can handle the spotlight.
  • Aren’t fully committed to getting visible and growing their influence.
  • Not ready to invest in their future earnings and success.
  • Confident they don’t need help. 

It is almost impossible to build a platform on your own. The connections, experience, and savvy of the 113 Branding Publicity Team can make all of the difference to the speed and ease of growing your visibility and influence, which in turn increases your earning power. This really is an easy YES!

You can focus on being brilliant, while we focus on making sure people notice.

These are a few of the ways that we can be of service …

Superstar Book Launch Essentials For Success Package

Congratulations on your book! We know what an incredible undertaking that is and look forward to helping you create awareness and impact with the book you have worked so hard writing. It is time to maximize your effort and our team does the heavy lifting for you. We aim to make the experience a great one. We hope that you decide to let our 35+ years of experience work for you!

  • Read and Perform Marketing Review of Book
  • Pull Quotes and Connection Points for Marketing Collateral
  • Write Sound Bites and Positioning for Book Promotion
  • Create Social Media Strategy for Book Launch
  • Create Press Kit
  • Create Three Customized Press Requests
  • Twelve Month Customized Pre/Post Marketing Plan
  • Build Book Brigade and write Swipe File for Distribution
  • Write Copy For Book Sales Page and Author’s Website
  • Identify Post Launch Offerings
  • One Year Inclusion in Platform Builder Membership Program of The Zebra Ink
  • Three Spotlights in Facebook Red Carpet For Superstar Entrepreneurs Group (10,000+ Members)

The investment for these services is valued at $12,000. This package is our gift to you for $7997.


A payment plan is available upon request.

If you have any questions, please let’s set up a time to answer your questions by emailing

Superstar, It’s Not Too Late Package! Bringing Your Book to Life!

 Launching a book and keeping marketing momentum up is hard work. It is easy to do the minimum (or stop promoting at all) for a while and then wake up one day realizing that a year has gone by without a book sale. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since the launch because the book can still work for your benefit. This Publicity package is about reviving interest and making an impact with your book, no matter when it was published.

There are several strategies to renew the energy in your marketing after a book has been launched. Together we will decide which one fits your platform best and then employ traditional and social media, as well as a book brigade to help us spread the word.

We will help you reassess how your book fits into your business model and help you develop supplemental products, events, and/or speaking opportunities that support your goals.

You will basically receive all of the benefits of the Book Launch package, but with a twist. Instead of a book launch, we will be strategizing a RE-launch of your book.

The investment for these services is valued at $12,000. This package is our gift to you for $7997.

A payment plan is available upon request.

If you have any questions, please let’s set up a time to answer your questions by emailing

Additional Superstar Publicity Services:

Superstar Press Kit Package

We create a customized superstar press kit that contains all the necessary, up-to-date information and imagery about what you are producing or selling, no matter what industry you’re in. We’re here to create a press kit that highlights your hard work so you can flourish and even, perhaps, get you review you didn’t expect to get!

  • Positioning and Branding Review
  • Creation of Sounds Bites
  • One Customized Press Release
  • Strategic Rollout Plan

The investment for this service is valued at $2000. This package is our gift to you for $1200.

If you have any questions, please let’s set up a time to answer your questions by emailing

Superstar Local Publicity Package

You want to make a big splash in your local area when you announce your book release. It is hard to be a prophet in your own backyard and having a reputable publicity agency pitching for your media attention is a great way to approach local media outlets.

The 113 Publicity Team will create and deliver a pitch to:

  • One television station
  • One radio station
  • One local and one non-local podcast interview
  • Negotiate with one local bookstore (can be Barnes and Noble if they are in your area) for a book signing event for you
  • We will also update your press kit with applicable links after interviews and include these media appearances/events in your marketing plan

***A press kit is a requirement for participation in this package.  

The investment for this service is valued at $2000. This package is our gift to you for $1250.

If you do not have a Press Kit, you can invest in the Superstar Press Kit Package and the Superstar Local Publicity Package for a combined investment of $2000.

If you have any questions, please let’s set up a time to answer your questions by emailing

Our hope for you is that you say YES!

Wouldn’t it feel great for you to focus on serving your audience while we focus on getting you meaningful visibility and influence?

Let us help you!