What People Are Saying About Joie Gharrity

  • Joie’s expertise and content creation that stayed true to my brand and my message went well beyond my expectation.  She was calm, focused and reassuring as I moved forward.  Before Joie came on board, what was scattered at best, became very smooth, organized and impactful!  The influence I achieved with Joie’s help is something I know I would never have achieved in the time frame I needed it without her assistance.  The book and my success is very much a direct result of the work and advice Joie provided.  I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. Beyond the day to day branding strategies, Joie’s expertise lies in focused events like a book launch or special event.  If you have an event of any sort, do yourself a favor and hire Joie to build influence and buzz. Her layered and multi-dimensional approach to gaining influence and attention in the marketplace works.  You couldn’t be in better hands if you desire a successful, influential and well-attended event. I am indebted to Joie Gharrity, for not only adding tremendous value to my book by sharing her best practices with me to write about, but also for her help in raising my influence and impact in a very crowded arena.  I value her expertise and integrity more than words can express.

    Sheila Kennedy, The Zebra Ink

  • After hearing a lot of great stuff about Joie from some trusted sources, I decided to have a call with Joie and felt an instant connection. She was exactly what I needed for my business. My programs were set, the structure of my business was solid, however, the piece that was missing was having a true brand identity and being consistent in the marketplace. After my first session with Joie I realized she took the time to truly understand me, my why and what I was looking to achieve in my business. She next created a campaign to build my influence and visibility in the marketplace which was very different than what I’d been doing in the past and yet the campaign felt very much like me. It was exactly how I was showing up in person with clients yet not how I had been showing up on social media. I’ve since hired Joie for multiple projects and every single one has been valuable and worthwhile. People have really taken notice in the last 6 months of what I’m doing. New opportunities are coming my way consistently. One other thing I would add that makes Joie very different from the excellent coaches I’ve worked with in the past is she opens doors for her clients. Joie has gone above and beyond to connect me with the “right” people to expand my network. And Joie gives way more time and attention to her clients than any of my other coaches ever did. She’s a true gem among a crowded field of people “saying” they can help you. I highly recommend her and think the world of her.

    Nikki Rausch, Founder Your Sales Maven

  • Joie is one of those rare individuals who understands the business aspect behind developing creative content as well as producing content, and uses the unique combination of the two to achieve great success. Her keen understanding of the rapidly-evolving digital media space was a tremendous asset to our company. Joie was an important part of the team that redefined how we approached creating content for digital platforms, as well as creating content that would be a good fit for top leading brands in the industry. She was a tremendous asset to our company.

    Mark Pedowitz, President of The CW Television Network