Be Your Own Superstar – The Book

What do you and Superstar Will Smith have in common? 

When I worked in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry, I observed high-level Superstars like Will Smith. I was impressed by how at ease he was on the red carpet with screaming and adoring fans or in a restaurant with patrons showering him with love.

I realized that the concept of why you play small isn’t solely because of the fear of criticism or rejection. It is because you are not taught how to take in massive amounts of love.

I believe that a superstar like Will Smith strengthens his inner game and works on  growing his love bucket. The size of your love bucket is in direct alignment with your dreams becoming  daily reality. How the world shows up to support your dreams and desires is in direct alignment with your “love bucket” capacity.

As you allow more love in, and your love bucket grows, the closer you will get to reclaiming your “birthright” which is to share your true life’s purpose, gifts, and talents with the world. The key is establishing a strong inner game just like Will Smith.


If you answer yes to one or more of the enclosed questions then you are ready to say



Be Your Own Superstar! 

*Are you eager to take your brand to superstar status but don’t know how?

*Are you ready to increase your earning power but keep hitting a glass ceiling?

*Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and taking right and left turns that are exhausting you?

*Are you watching other entrepreneurs rise to superstardom and are frustrated that you are not able to do the same?

In her second book Be Your Own Superstar that launches 5/5/2020, Joie shares her signature
Be Your Own Superstar step-by-step system along with techniques, tools and tips that will enable you to take your brand to superstar status, push through the glass ceiling, replace overwhelm with eagerness and focus and become a superstar entrepreneur in your field. She designed the book to double as a play guide for entrepreneurs and creative types to implement her signature system to manifest their dreams quickly and easily — “It is your birthright to be your own Superstar.”

You want to reach more people and you applied the techniques from The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence. You got results but now want even more. How do you do that? Stay tuned for Joie’s follow-up book Be Your Own Superstar launching 5/5/2020 #beyourownsuperstar



Learn more about Joie’s first book The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence, She shares tangible Visibility and Influence strategies, techniques and tips. She designed the book to double as a guide for entrepreneurs to implement her branding and marketing techniques easily and quickly as well as create a business that soars high in the marketplace.
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Melodieann Whiteley
5.0 out of 5 stars Struggling to Get Noticed?
I absolutely love this book! In the ever-increasing onslaught from social media, television, and what-have-you, it can be difficult to get your brand to stand out from the rest. Joie’s experience in Hollywood taught her how to get herself and her clients noticed. And she shares all of that in her book. The tasks are actionable and effective. The information is invaluable. If you want to shine a spotlight on your business, your non-profit, or yourself, you need this book.
M. Mathews — 5 out of 5 stars — Fantastic tools for advancing your business and self!
Highly recommend this book. Clear, Concise and Creative. Filled with valuable information and exercises to help become the BEST in any business! Personally, I am so excited to continue this journey, knowing that I now have the tools in my toolbox to “Step out of the Shadow and into the Spotlight”!