Visibility Wiz Cindy J Holbrook features Brand Director, Author & International Speaker Joie Gharrity. They discuss Joie’s113 signature topic Be Your Own Superstar. How to shine a bright Spotlight on your past, current and upcoming projects and turn the online world into a private red carpet marketing machine. And discover proven tips, tricks, and strategies by 32 other Top-Notch Experts and #IncreaseYourVisibility.



Havilah Malone features Joie Gharrity CEO, 113 Branding & Author, “Red Carpet Guide to Visibility & Influence.”
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Visibility! Influence! Earning Potential! Love!

The Erin Strayer Show LIVE features Brand Strategist, Creative Producer, Author & International Speaker Joie Gharrity. They discuss how Visibility and Influence are directly linked to entrepreneurs earning power. Joie shares her later 113 Branding signature strategy to grow your love muscle so that you can step on bigger playing fields. Watch the show.

How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think: Showing Up in the World Just as You Are

This is what the Little White Lie Movement is ALL about. It’s about showing up in the world as yourself, your magnificent self, no matter your age, looks, background story, etc. It all started almost a year ago (hard for me to believe!) when I decided to face my own Little White Lie. I’d been dying my hair for over 30 years, and feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the inauthenticity of it – because I was in the visibility/authenticity business and here I was hiding something that was a major (and, actually, beautiful) part of me, because … What would others think of me?

This is the topic I tackled on my recent Little White Lie Show, along with my amazing guest, Joie Gharrity, brand strategist, marketer, and founder of 113 Branding. You can watch the full version of our conversation right here: