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Press Kits. You need to have one! If you are in any position that could benefit from media attention, then having a press kit is imperative.

We find that far too many people who create a press kit, don’t know how to use it once it is built. It is no different than a book or product that you produce. You can make it, but that doesn’t mean anyone is coming to get it. A press kit is also NOT the field of dreams!

So what do you do with a press kit once it is made? You construct a list of story ideas that can be written or composed about you and whatever it is you might be promoting. Caution these stories are not a public service announcement – “Hey I did this really big thing!” It must contain an element that will be important to the audience and be considered newsworthy to them. So put your thinking cap on and create the stories that have a definitive “why the audience will benefit” to it and then make another list.

The next list is of the media outlets – TV, radio, print publications, or podcasts – that would be a good fit for the story you are pitching. By good fit, I mean that they are the connection to your ideal audience. So if your story is about art, you may not want to pitch it to ESPN Radio. Seems like a no brainer, but people get excited when they have a story to pitch and send it to all of the media outlets, they have contacts for. The more specific you can get, the better case you can make for running the story. Be intentional my friends and do your research. Look at the demographics of the audience for that particular outlet and be sure that they fit your ideal audience. If they don’t, keep looking until you find one.

We typically suggest that you make a list of five to ten-story ideas and then a list of 50 or so media outlets. Choose one to reach out to each week for the year. Imagine what would happen if you were so targeted and convincing, that you ended up with 50 interviews over the course of one year. What would that kind of attention do for your book or business? It is worth the effort if you want to grow!

Share a story idea that would fit what you do and be appealing to a media outlet. I love to hear your creativity. Not to mention that I may know a media outlet that would be perfect for your story pitch. Share away!
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