Build Your Tribe and Your Brand Will Soar

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Build a tribeWhen I landed my first job in Hollywood on the movie Stargate I knew that it was essential that I surround myself with my “tribe.” So I told the 1st Assistant Director about my brother and my friend who would make great production assistant on the set.

He was very gracious and said YES. I informed my brother and my friend that it was a green light and they had only a few days to arrive in town if they were to secure their positions.
Fast forward we are on the movie set in the scorching heat of the Yuma desert and working very long hours but it was an exciting experience and it made it more exciting to get to share it with my “tribe” members. All three of us continued to work in the Hollywood entertainment business and continued to grow our tribe over the years.

When I first launched my business No.113 Branding it was an exciting time but very isolating I hadn’t built up a “tribe” in the Bay Area yet. I learned very quickly how important it is to surround yourself with a community of like minded people. Even though my business is a solo business having a “tribe” makes for a more exciting experience and having a support system is essential.

As an entrepreneur in order to authentically grow your “tribe” network that is going to have your back there needs to be an equal exchange of energy, trust and respect. The house of cards will fall if your attitude is always “What can you do for me?” or “I did this for you so now what are you going to do for me? Instead it should be “What can we do for each other?” “How can we both be of service to one another and our brands?”

I encourage you to reach out to your tribe often and ask how you all can be “of” service to one another there is power in numbers. As long as the “tribe” is authentically showing up for each other and there is equal exchange of energy, trust and respect you can move mountains and all of your brands will soar.

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