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I was a fan of the movie The Fly so when Jeff Goldblum was hired to be one of the stars in Independence Day, I was looking forward to working on the movie set. I had heard that he was also a talented jazz musician and had a following in the jazz world.

I was invited to travel with the director and stars on the Independence World Press Tour.

I had traveled abroad before however this was a totally new experience to me. For the director and stars this was not their first rodeo, so they adjusted quickly. For me the schedule was grueling, so sleep was limited. One day we were in Berlin and the next day we were in Paris and a premiere of the movie in every major city along the way. I was feeling cranky halfway through the tour.

One day I saw that Jeff was in back-to-back interviews during that press day and there were no breaks in the schedule. I remember thinking how I was surprised by how at ease he was, he never let on that he was exhausted instead he was always upbeat and very pleasant. I was even more surprised when I witnessed that each interviewer typically would ask the same questions over and over again. That the interview before the last and the one that came after felt very monotonous. Yet he would answer the same question with enthusiasm as if it was the first time, he had been asked it.

One night as I was coming off the hotel elevator and feeling exhausted, I heard a beautiful tune being played on a piano. I thought it was strange because the hotel didn’t have a lounge. As I walked down the grand hallway towards the doors to meet everyone for dinner, I saw Jeff playing the grand piano that sat dormant when I checked in frankly I thought it was just meant to be décor.

He played the piano as if the grand hallway was full of music enthusiast. He played the piano as if he owned it. As more of the dinner guest came off the elevator they gravitated towards Jeff. As more of the guest of the hotel heard the music they stood around the piano and after a short time the guest began to realize it was Jeff Goldblum playing and their excitement filled the very large hallway.

I was taken back that Jeff never once shrank back into the shadows as the crowd grew nor did he apologize when the hotel manager came over surprised that he took ownership of the hotel décor. Instead, he played with even more enthusiasm and joy.

Once the movie director showed up he knew it was time to go and he played his last note and thanked everyone for their attendance. It was pure magic.

As we headed out to the line of sedans waiting to whisk us off to dinner, I told Jeff that his talent as a musician was amazing and that I felt energized. Without hesitation he thanked me for the compliment and told me how much he loved sharing his gifts and talents with the world.

That evening I realized that I really was amongst a master craftsman who had put the time and energy into his passions. That he lived each moment to its fullest. That evening I set an intention to be in grateful for the journey and kick the story of being exhausted to the curb.

I set an intention that no matter how long it took me I was going to unearth my true gifts and talents. That I was going to learn how to stop shrinking into the shadows when others took notice. That when I became a master craftsman, I would share my gifts and talents with the world unapologetically.

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