Say Yes Without Hesitation

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While attending a friends birthday dinner in Palm Springs I sat next to a music agent. He was lovely and very charming. He told me about an upcoming singer that he represented that he knew was going to become a superstar.

At the time I was a creative manager for a large studio, and I had been wanting to develop a reality show for the internet that followed up-and-coming talents rise to fame. I was eager to meet his client and he suggested that I go to Whiskey A Go Go a very famous venue for bands to see her sing.

A few weeks later I asked a few friends of mine to join me for her show that night. The show didn’t start until right before midnight, which was way past our bedtime however, I was very curious to see the up-and-coming talent in action.

When I arrived to the show, I was surprised that the room was only moderately full. I was also surprised that there was no band instead there was one beautiful girl on stage sitting on a stool with just her guitar.

As soon as the show started it was obvious that she was just as talented as her agent had mentioned. She sang her heart out and she played as if she was playing to a sold-out stadium.

After the show I had a chance to speak with her we headed outside and sat on the sidewalk on Sunset Blvd. She was at ease with sharing her aspirations and passions for performing and about her dreams for her future.

A few weeks later I had a second meeting with the singer and during our conversation I felt compelled to ask her a burning question that had been on my mind “Are you sure you want to become a Superstar?” without hesitation she said yes.

That was the last time I crossed paths with Katy Perry. Her superstardom happened so quickly. I remember seeing her on the cover of Santa Barbara Magazine shortly after and knowing that she was a star that was rising fast.

Over the years I thought about Katy and how sure she was of herself and her dreams. How she didn’t hesitate to say yes to her true-life purpose.

When I am feeling hesitant to saying yes to my true life purpose, I lean on that encounter with the beautiful girl alone on a stage with just her guitar who today plays to sold out stadiums.

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